Thursday, September 13, 2007

Maria Taylor: A Good Start

Listening to Maria Taylor’s ‘A Good Start’, I begin to arrive at the impression that Maria must be the sort of girl who gets anything and everything she wants whenever she wants it. Her sultry, velvety voice persuades while reeking of apathy and a vulnerability that pulls at your heart strings and easily gains your trust in every pint-sized word she utters.

Her singing style oozes grace and an alluring appeal without desperately trying to attract anyone’s attention. It’s modest and indistinct in every way, from its poignant grooves to its pacifying lyrics, but never fails to come off admiringly self reassuring.

|mp3| Maria Taylor - A Good Start

You’d probably find it hard to settle in at first, but once your pace starts suitably overlaying with its underlying grooves; you’ll begin to love it in no time. This is a tune that you should listen to; that’s should as in ‘it’s really good’ and should as in ‘if you don’t listen to this you’re a bad person’ and of course, I didn’t really mean that last one.