Friday, September 14, 2007

New Release: Beirut – The Flying Club Cup

You've got to be deaf to not hear the buzz surrounding musical prodigy, Zach Condon a.k.a Beirut's newest album set to be released this 9th of October. Bloggers all round have been guiltlessly posting up (which I me-self will guiltlessly follow suit) some of the new songs from said album, allowing Beirut fans to get a taste of what's in store in that delicious brand new album.

It's just craziness to not join in and see what all the fuss is about; well for starters, Beirut has established his musical career all thanks to his long lines of strikingly beautiful and artfully written songs that's every bit saturated with the sounds of eastern-European flavours.

The new album bears no major difference from his previous. But to put it simply, the album definitely sounds alot grander, fuller, less mystical thus more approachable, I'm not sure whether it has grown less mystical or we've just gotten used to his music and more wide-ranged. The Flying Club Cup seems to have taken a step forward giving the album a more modern-appraoch - at least that's what I think.

Although the guys from iguessimfloating seems to highly endorse in Beirut's number called 'Forks and Knives', I simply draw myself away from it because it sounds like it was customly made for the musical stage particualrly one called 'My Fair Lady': the eastern-European version. But, these here, that I've posted are the highlights of the album, the creme de la creme, Beirut's music at its finest.

|mp3| Beirut - Nantes
|mp3| Beirut - The Flying Clup Cup
|mp3| Beirut - Sunday Smile