Wednesday, September 12, 2007

David Karsten Daniels: American Pastime

The relationship between people and music is often perplexing but justifying in a way that it’s completely intelligible. I’ve come to the brilliant conclusion that people are more fascinated by some tunes more than others because of how it generally is capable of making us feel. Why some other tunes we tend to quickly dispose is naturally due to the abhorrence of the feelings that it manages to provoke; but we know the worst ones are the ones that aren’t capable of making us feel anything at all. In light of this, I hope that all you dear readers would try out some of the tunes being posted here previously, but (most importantly!) in the coming weeks, although it may not live up to par or you just hate the way it makes you feel, some things are just inevitable - but I guess I live on in hope.

‘American Pastime’ instantly jumps in to vocals without any elaborate, dreary guitar or piano intro to prepare you for what’s to come. DKD’s (short for David Karsten Daniels) vocal stretches along the bleak though comical background and visions of various unknown faces start popping to my mind, all of them wearing that same expression: dismally bored and depressed. It’s funny because I imagine the same thing every time I listen to the tune and there are times, even I can’t help myself from looking dismally miserable too.

It’s that type of song - for those who are unfamiliar - that understands perfectly the way you feel. Though it clearly gets you in a desolate and downcast mood, but the way the entire song seems like it’s reaching out to you makes it overflow with a consoling nature, mirroring your exact sentiment; even if sometimes it can just be about not making it into the major league.

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