Sunday, September 09, 2007

Albert, who dat?

I’ve only just discovered this other video by Albert Hammond Jr. (he doesn’t make much) during the occasional scouring around the world of wide web last week, approximately a month after its date of (presumably) premiere. So, I’m guessing it was a pretty hush-hush kind of thing considering not many people are aware of it – either that or they just couldn’t be bothered.

Well, thanks a lot Albert for not notifying me about this a tad bit sooner. Subscribing to your latest news proved unreliable – either that or I just couldn’t be bothered to thoroughly read through their relatively lengthy posts.

When some of my fave artists come out with a new video, it gets my adrenaline running and my interest on high, because I’m game for all things ‘video-making’. This ‘latest’ video of ‘In Transit’ has a nice and warm vibe owing to its I-have-no-idea-what-kind-of-camera-they’re-using in the video - have yet to go on an extensive research about video cameras. However, because the song is very upbeat and catchy, you’d expect the video to be more dynamic, featuring more settings and movements (either camera or subject), and not afraid to go to further lengths in order to enhance the vivid dramatic beats while still maintaining that washed-out 70’s tone on screen. Because to me, it just looks like another one of those experimental videos using simple camera editing effects.

Oh, and by the way the video was directed by Joaquin Phoenix. I’m guessing the actor ‘Joaquin Phoenix’ although I’m not quite aware of other ‘Joaquin Phoenix’-es in this world.

|mp3| Albert Hammond Jr. – In Transit

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