Monday, September 10, 2007

Covers, B-Sides and Rarities: Travis’ “Baby, One More Time”

Have I mentioned before how much I revere the Scottish band, Travis? The thing about Travis is that they never come out with anything hateful, revolting or despising – ever! Their songs are never a disappointment to my nature and their videos are always a blast to watch - weird but still a blast regardless.

|mp3| Travis – Baby, One More Time

This is one of the covers (I believe) that Travis has ever done through out their singing career; one of Britney Spears’ earliest hits, which If I may say so – referring to Travis’ version of course – is absolute perfection. Fran Healy is able to attract people’s attention to the tune’s very core making us realize that this song isn’t all that bad, what with all the distractions such as the cheesy dance moves and ridiculous belly-button-showing school girl outfits all purged off; leaving behind nothing but bare vocals, a guitar and bass. They generally succeeded, like all other great cover versions, in turning the song into their own. Well, done Travis.