Thursday, June 14, 2007

Demetri Martin: Piano Jokes

This guy is really funny, his hair is even funnier, but his jokes, aw man…., is downright hilarious. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry but you’ll definitely fall in love with his jokes.

Demetri Martin is a 34 year old Emmy Award-nominated American comedian, actor, musician, and writer, best known for his work as a stand-up comedian and as a contributor on The Daily Show. He used to attend Yale University and then New York University School of Law on a full scholarship which then he dropped out a year before graduation to pursue a career in comedy. (I know, isn’t it crazy? But, wow, I definitely look up to him because of that.)

Now, he is an established and a well successful comedian on the way of achieving even greater success. Currently, Martin is in the process of publishing a book of his own collection of drawings and is also being considered as one of the likely candidates to be replacing Conan O’Brien when he leaves Late Night in 2009. In addition to that, he’s recorded his comedies on an album titled These are Jokes which was released on September 2006.

His jokes are just highly high-larious; I LMAO when I watched his shows. So to get a dose of what he sounds like, here’s what you should watch…

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|mp3| Demetri Martin – Piano Jokes (a recording of the Piano Jokes slot)

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