Friday, June 15, 2007

iamhappytobewithyou / Pre-break Post

This will be my last entry (due to the sucky internet connection or lack thereof when I’m at home) before I go off on a semester break and will be returning after approximately three weeks. No worries though, I’ve already found someone who will be filling up for me while I’m away, and he will be in charge of posting up some new entries while I’m gone. However he prefers that I not mention his real name and exact location, so let’s just all refer to him as Mr. I Am a Coconut or Mr. Coconut for short. Mr. Coconut has pretty much been the source of where I get my music and info, in case any of you people were wondering.

I heard he’s prepared some real good stuff for you readers out there, so be sure not to miss out. He’s not going to be posting as much as I will, because I heard he’s a pretty busy man but I’ve informed him about our weekly routine on posting about The Greatest Band On The Planet™ but I doubt he’ll ever do that. Mr. Coconut will be posting via email through the email-to-blogger system and is not really good with HTML, so forgive him if something appears not quite right.

Well then, that’s it for me, see you in 3 weeks time!