Friday, May 18, 2007

These are Covers

These are cover versions of ‘Baby, I’m Yours’ and ‘Take it or Leave it’ sang by none other than the Arctic Monkeys. ‘Baby, I’m yours’ also appear as a B-Side in the Arctic Monkeys’ single ‘Leave Before the Lights Come On’ and is a collaborative effort with The 747s. The song was originally sung by Barbara Lewis in the 60’s and other artists have also made cover versions of the song, including Debby Boone and Cher just to name a few. I’ve put up Arctic’s version and the original version, so you guys can do a compare and contrast kind of thing. I think both brought their own stuff to the table, and both sounds good in their own way. Which one do you prefer? It’s cool that Arctic Monkeys would do a cover version of oldies like this, changes your perception a bit about them.

|mp3| Barbara Lewis – Baby, I’m yours

|mp3| Arctic Monkeys – Baby, I’m yours

The only other cover that I know of, that the Arctic’s has done is the Strokes’ song, ‘Take It or Leave It’. I’ve put up the original version as well, in case you guys were wondering how the original would sound. Still, same question: which one do you prefer?

|mp3| The Strokes – Take It or Leave It

|mp3| Arctic Monkeys – Take It or Leave It