Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sick Sick Sick

Although The Strokes are all on a long hiatus, (except for Albert of course), somehow news came out that Strokes lead, Julian Casablancas is working with Queens of the Stone Age for one of their songs that will be coming out on their newest album, Era Vulgaris. Word has it, he’ll be playing a cool digital guitar (??) on the track, and whether or not he’ll be lending some vocals has not been confirmed (at the time). The particular song is called Sick Sick Sick, and all Strokes fans seem to be talking about it.

The song can be downloaded from The Strokes’ fan site, she’s fixing her But, I just couldn’t be bothered, unless they had a video of the song. Julian Casablancas is playing a guitar on the track and all I’m just saying is, it could’ve been anyone playing the damned-it guitar, who are we to know for sure. But, of course he still plays, but then of all the guitar sounds in the song, which one exactly is the digital guitar…… Just because he’s playing an instrument on some other band’s song, doesn’t necessarily mean we have to go and get it.

But, in the end, I downloaded the song anyway.

|mp3| Queens of The Stone Age – Sick Sick Sick (not for the faint-hearted)

p/s:- Turns out that Julian Casablancas did lend his vocals to the song. But, only a couple of lines…… In fact, it is the only lines I happen to sing along to (sub-consciously) in the entire song… but that’s only because I can’t make out the other lyrics.

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