Tuesday, October 23, 2012

But I Was Told That You Liked Me

A recent finding today slapped me hard in my slumber and made me realize; has that much time really flown by? To think how time have passed by without a second's notice makes me nervous and thinking; have I really run out of time? Whilst everything seems to go by in a blur, my life on the other hand remains in a standstill. It might not be a major cause for concern, but I just can't help from worrying.

As always the first step to recovery is acceptance. As I slowly put things into perspective and get my mind back on track, it becomes clear that all will be well.

There isn't much justification that I can offer as to why I seem to be head over heels for Charli XCX's 'Valentine'. All I can say is, this could just be another fine example of an encounter of the right song at the right time. Do enjoy.

» Listen to Valentine here.