Saturday, September 22, 2012

Never Count On Longevity

So I discovered this new word, ennui, which sounded like a spiritual, philosophical term at first glance. But after learning the correct way to pronounce it (ahn-wee) and the direct translation is boredom, I became fixated with it.

The fascination for 'ennui' mostly stemmed from sheer awe by how such a sophisticated word could relate to almost everybody. For instance I get a sense of ennui for most songs I hear these days. But this new track by Yeasayer, called Longevity, is anything but boredom-inducing. The only slight issue I have with this reviving, electronically charged pick-me-up tune of the moment is that it's too short. But as a remedy for working well into the late, late night, this definitely gives you the extra boost that you need.

» Listen to Longevity here.