Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'll Pretend To See What You See

Despite the fact that Foster the People has gained quite a huge popularity, they still remain somewhat of a new found love for me. And I only say this with great sentiment towards only one of their tracks, the rest just makes me feel indifferent, so to speak. There seems to be a common thread through their songs (though I've only ever scrutinized two, whoops!). Albeit the light-hearted, uplifting tunes, the songs are anchored by words that are deeply lyrical. 'Waste' definitely falls into that category and one of the main reason it manages to send my heart a flutter, is because there's a good mix of similarities to MGMT and Empire of the Sun. It satiates my hunger for new material from either bands admirably and for that reason too, once I've hit play, there's no looking back because I see and hear no other songs from then onwards.

{mp3}  Foster the People - Waste

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