Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Covers} Cali Strauhs - You Know What I Mean (Cults Cover)

Seriously appalled by the lack of good music I could find these days. It's almost close to none. None I tell you! Is it me (have my ears grown more mature or selective through the years?) or are the songs just plain unexciting. Ah well, it's me. Obviously.

The precious few I did find, I've held to me as if holding to my dear life. Kidding of course. But the songs that I do love, I've listened, and re-listened, and scrutinized to no end. For example, in case you loved this just as much as I do, don't miss out on this cover. It's equally enchanting.

{mp3}  Cali Strauhs - You Know What I Mean (Cults Cover)