Thursday, July 21, 2011

{Covers} La Vie En Rose

I remembered visiting Paris when I was 13 and how I was left feeling underwhelmed after the whole experience (Vienna was far more magical, or so I thought at 13). But Paris has maintained an impressive reputation as one of the most coveted places to visit and seemingly, never fails to enchant and hence, draw people to it. So here I am looking forward to prove my 13 year old self wrong and that come February next year, I'll most certainly be feeling as if I'm walking in a dream. Let's hope to that!

'La Vie En Rose' is truly the music equality to the Paris experience. It isn't just an emblem of someone being deeply and madly swept away by love, but also a realistic illustration of the sights and sounds of what we've always felt deep down in our hearts the city of Paris would personify. But truthfully, and most of all, doesn't this song just make you want to let out a deep contented sigh?

{mp3}  Louis Armstrong - La Vie En Rose

{mp3}  Pomplamoose - La Vie En Rose

Wouldn't seem right without the original here as well.

{mp3}  Edith Piaf - La Vie En Rose