Friday, April 08, 2011

Wide Open Arms Can Feel So Cold

Last 25th of March, as I left the show that night, I wasn't expecting to be listening to any more of the tunes by MGMT.And yet here I am, still as hooked as ever, sinking my teeth even deeper into the only two albums released by the band. In their tunes, I found solace and a sense of yearning for the blissful energetic atmosphere that had surrounded that night. It wasn't just the music that I was missing, it was the whole experience, not to mention the anticipation building up to that very day.

In constant replay of that night through multiple repeats of their records, I managed to take with me one tune in particular out of the whole escapade. 'Siberian Breaks' is the staggering 12 minute centerpiece of the sophomore release, Congratulations. It lies in stark contrast against the rest, but manages to hold the whole record quite beautifully together. The song ebbs and flows in an unexpected and a mysterious manner, never quite ending when you expect it to. But nevertheless, it proves to be a side of MGMT that I would be eager to see more of in the future. 

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