Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sipping Coffee And Nothing To Look Forward To

Hey, long time no see! It's not that I've been super busy for the last two months, but my mind (or heart rather) was occupied on other things, till I overlooked as to how keen I was at the start to keep this blog in constant flow of recent updates. Plus, music (or shall I say 'new music') hasn't played quite a central role in my life lately, and had only revolved around certain selected records. But since I've been feeling a little left out of the loop, rest assured I will try to revive this blog again regardless of how little of  you may be interested in said fact.

To those of you who has been loyal enough to stay, here's a tune I've truly loved listening to since these couple of weeks. What's even more interesting is that it isn't everyday that you see me writing an artist who originates from my own country. Since her release of an EP in the States, the talented crooner has begun to show an astounding skill in crafting such intricate and captivating tunes. Take 'Coffee' for a example, a real favourite of mine, an enchanting song that's fit enough to be played on a cool, calm Sunday morning or even during the late, late moment in the peacefulness of a quiet night. Either way, I can't seem to get enough.

|mp3|  Yuna - Coffee

Also, other noteworthy tunes are this and this. So be sure to take a listen to these too.

p/s: Sometimes I hate the fact that my intention was to only write a few words but always manages to go off on a tangent.

:: Yuna ::