Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat

Recently, my music listening habit has been reduced only to the songs that I would play while I'm driving. I use to carefully select the songs that would go into the mix back then. But these days I just throw a chock full of music onto the playlist and let them play at it's own heart's content.

Most of the time, the result can be rewarding. Take for example, Zonoscope, the sophomore effort by Australian electronic outfit, Cut Copy. Songs like 'Take Me Over' and 'Where I'm Going' serves as the perfect companion on the road or when you're just on the go, whichever way you see it. But other lesser known tunes can be such a wonder to listen to as well, such as the 80s inspired, synthy number, 'Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat'. The less discordant, laidback, 4 minute intermission nestled somewhere in the middle of the album reminded my why I was drawn to Cut Copy in the first place.

|mp3|  Cut Copy - Hanging Onto Every Heartbeat

|mp3|  Cut Copy - Take Me Over

|mp3|  Cut Copy - Where I'm Going

Today is going to be one heck of a long day. 5pm feels lightyears away. But on the other hand, I hope you guys are having a wonderful Thursday.

:: Cut Copy ::