Monday, May 17, 2010

Will We Ever Meet Again?

When you spend your time mostly hanging around the music blogosphere, it’s difficult not to notice the huge buzz surrounding the Spanish four-piece, Delorean’s latest offering, Subiza. Throughout all the hype, I’ve managed to sidestep any Delorean related tunes. But it wasn’t long till ‘Real Love’ finally caught my radar and I’ve been finding it hard to quit them ever since.

Positioned at the core of Subiza, are the magnetic sounds of Ibiza pop and Balearic dance music. Perfectly chilled and laidback, the breezy, 80’s induced electro-pop, shimmers in all its synth and swirls, forming into the perfect summertime beach jam. For a few fleeting moments, the music is heard to bear slight resemblances to indie-experimental band, Animal Collective. Few fleeting moments that fans of both bands will be appreciative of. The luminous, uplifting spirit of ‘Real Love’ will make you long for the gleaming warmth of the bright, sunny weather. If not that, then it’s sure to put you in the most optimistic of moods. So if all else fails (or sucks), well hey, at least you have this to cheer you up:

|mp3|    Delorean - Real Love

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