Friday, May 21, 2010

Recently, Randomly #1

First things first, the title isn't original. In fact, I stole it from here, but after much thought, I couldn't think of a better suited title. But on the other hand, do not be mislead, neither of this took place recently or in the month of May for that matter. So bear with me. Also, I will be drifting in and out of english and bahasa malaysia in this post, so feel free to google translate dat shit.

At Floria with Ajie. I say YES to photo opportunites.

Ajie and I

Scorching hot haritu.

Tak lengkap kalau takde gambar bunga

Zorbing atas air. Best jugak tu.

Heading home.

 Sebenarnya tak. Lepas tu, terus pergi karaoke kat Alamanda. Siap nyanyi lagu Phoenix and Empire of the Sun. So cool.