Saturday, May 22, 2010

Free Like Whatever We Dream About

I hate the quiet, unexpected lull in life where you stop actively listening to music, which coincidentally also, explains the sudden absence of new posts in this blog. The everyday rush and urgency has taken complete control of my life and mind, making these past few days having gone by in a blur. If I were to be completely truthful, October hasn’t been the best nor the kindest of months. How ironic it seems, when I’ve specifically hoped - or more accurately, requested - that it would be. But things are slowly and gradually turning for the better, so let’s hope that my luck will continue down this course for at least the remaining months of this year.

Free Energy isn’t a band that I’ve been enjoying nor listening to recently, but their music have created such an impression on me, that I’ve never once forgotten to remember to mention about them, no matter how left behind it would make me seem (you will be seeing a lot of similar bands like that gracing these pages for the coming weeks, so expect no less!). I won’t elaborate any further, because I’ll just let your ears be the judge, plus I know how most of you are inclined to download particular songs based on images posted, that are related to the songs. But all I’ll say is that I love the dirty, gritty swagger atop the cool, calm, clarity carried in throughout their songs. It feels easy and relaxed, which as if by chance, I haven’t been feeling the least bit of, these past few days.

|mp3|    Free Energy - Dream City
|mp3|    Free Energy - Something In Common

And before I forget, I need to remind myself for tomorrow to (1) isi minyak kereta, (2) infimacs, (3) settle Di’s computer and of course, weekly staff meeting, lest I forget.

Till then, readers.

:: Free Energy ::
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