Monday, December 01, 2008


The New York by way of Florida four piece, Violens came up with their name through the melding of the words “Violence” and “Violins”. But nothing about the band is violent musically. Even the title of this tune doesn’t mash up well with the melodic content:

|mp3| Violen - Violent Sensation Descends (right-click save as)

The boisterous streams of sinister synth-lines that greet listeners at the start of the tune are nothing but misleading and might be styled as such just to scare people away. But those who stuck around long enough may notice that what unfolds afterwards is the exact opposite; happy guitar tinklings and pleasing, chirpy pop music abound. The contrast though brings a gleeful, sort of cheeky tone to the song as a whole, and that which in addition makes it even more interesting to listen to. On their latest EP, the band show off their skills combining bouncy ’60s-style melodies with haunting, echoing vocals and synth overtones reminiscent of ’80s pop (Allmusic blog). This is some really good stuff.

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