Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I was first introduced to music trio Princeton, sometime in April 2007. Since then, I guiltily admit that I’ve neglected them. So thanks to Dessy for the heads up to this new material (that I otherwise wouldn’t have took notice) which the band (sort of) newly released. Even back then Princeton already showed a great deal of potential, but there was something about the tunes still that didn’t carry enough persuasion to make me become fully invested in their music. Then approximately a year later, their sophomore effort was released entitled Bloomsbury, a four song EP that acts as odes to members of the 20th century Bloomsbury group, particularly famous for members Lytton Strachey and Virginia Wolf. Amazingly, this latest release far surpasses any previous doubts I hold for them. Bloomsbury is immaculate and well-crafted, and employs a vast spectrum of instruments from flutes to harpsichord to organs. Cleverly conjuring 60s-tinged pop akin to the Kinks and sunny afro percussion ala Vampire Weekend, as well as the inclusion of vocalist Matt Kivel’s weary yet charming delivery, this collection of quality music is a must-have this year, or rather a must-listen-to to say the least. These are pop songs that are delightfully sweet, and comforting, and lovely-- which makes this band and their music absurdly easy to fall in love with.

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|mp3| Princeton - The Waves
|mp3| Princeton - Leonard Woolf

Plus an earlier material:
|mp3| Princeton - Indifference Curve