Monday, December 08, 2008

The Steeples

Writing about a band like UK’s the Steeples is good because it offers a nice variation from the bearded, plaid-wearing folk music, experimental electronics, and the shoegaze/lo-fi noise pop that’s been getting most of the rounds these days.

The Steeples are a foursome all the way from Ormskirk near Liverpool who just released their debut called Tea For Two. Their music derives essentially from the ever expanding, prospering breed of British indie-rock, which are similar to the View, the Wombats, and the Kooks to name but a few. The band seems to have an impressive skill for whipping up catchy melodies and bouncy rhythms that are at once attention-grabbing and memorable. Due to an extensive amount of touring the Steeples have managed to gain a legion of devoted followers as well as a reputation for putting together brilliant, upbeat, shimmering pops of a gem. As a bonus, here’s a rather apt excerpt accompanying their buoyant pop sing-along, 'Loosy Lucy':
From this sonic pie, expect one infectious reggae/ska-toned riff, blended with half-Viewesque half-Kooksy twanged staccato vocals. Topic wise, Andy and the boys, just out of their teens, already seem to be enjoying the main incentive (in their eyes) of being in a band: girls, girls, girls... So, there they are giving away the sinful deeds of 'Loosy Lucy', (imaginary or not) promiscuous femme fatale in the making: virtual depictions of teenage decadence show 'Loosy Lucy' pulling up her skirt, Andy and/or his crew with pants down the ankles...say no more! (allgigs)

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