Monday, November 17, 2008

White Light Riot

Let’s be honest, we’ve heard quite a lot of young, “exciting” indie-rock acts turning up day after day, carving its influence from the same origin ever since they heard Strokes’ 2001 debut. Not that I’m quick to discard any of the bands in that particular spectrum, because I do take some time and sit down and listen and assess to what the these bands have to offer. And more often than not, some of these bands do continue to reside in the amorphous regions of music I actually enjoy listening to. Minnesota’s White Light Riot is clearly no exception, bringing on board some other similar musical influences of the same weight, namely the Killers and Franz Ferdinand. However, it’s not everyday I hear bands trying really hard to imitate, some going as far as to replicate right down to the singing style-- and by that I mean Casablancas style. It’s probably just me and that’s really how vocalist Mike Schwandt sings, but tell me you’re not noticing any similarities here:

|mp3| White Light Riot - Charlatan

On the upper hand, the fivesome takes in all the influences, mixes it up together and end up sounding unlike any of them. What White Light Riot are left with, are soaring radio-ready power pops of a gem. Imitations or no imitations, these guys do deserve a fraction of your attention.

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