Thursday, November 27, 2008

Voyager One

Trying to pin down the type of music that Seattle band, Voyager One crafts out is by no means a breeze. But if you insist of an answer, it’s somewhere along the lines of a cross between shoegaze and neo-psychedelic space-rock. Though in mp3 language, it translates to somewhat like this:

|mp3| Voyager One - The Future Is Obsolete

‘The Future Is Obsolete’ comes as one of those few rare surprises that might end up in the daily pile. Blissful guitar noise kicks off the track before lucid trance-inducing tones waft in, lending the song it’s one of a kind spacey melodic ambient. In the foreground, low moody croons hover atop sinewy drones that are tousled amid a blanket of swirling keys.

Afterhours In the Afterlife is their fourth and brand new record. Out now via Loveless Records.