Wednesday, November 26, 2008


“Littl’ans is Cockney vernacular meaning ‘Little Ones’”.

Sure it’s not ‘little hands’? Plus they do realize that a band called ‘Little Ones’ have already been taken, right? British band, Littl’ans is yet another brit-rock group other than this one that I first encountered by way of fashion designer Hedi Slimane’s various runway shows. You’ve got to hand it to the guy; he really tries hard to keep everything authentically British (from the models to the music) and steers away completely from tunes that’s gone through sheer overuse just to keep things fresh. I love how in the end the music pulls everything together, adding final touches as the art parade begins to take its full form. ‘We Look Good Together’ may not be included in their newly released debut, Primitve World, but the tune stands to reason as being one of the major highlights of their expanding career. Music that combine gritty guitar power and vocals that reveal a languid and detached tone, lay in a stark contrast against the modern, elegant designs, and yet everything feels relevant and suited with each other.

Littl’ans make music that’s less prone to their music peers; coughing up tunes that are incredibly laid-back with copious touches of dazed melancholy, this is brit-rock that sounds “all very Littl’ans”.

|mp3| Littl’ans - We Look Good Together [18.65mB]