Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mexican Kids at Home

Mexican Kids at Home describes themselves as four skateboarders and a girl. As for their music, it’s a batch of refreshing, undemanding, simple pop songs. Don’t be misled though; the band aren’t really Mexicans, but instead hail from Derbyshire, England. The five piece delve into the folkier sides of pop music, conjuring amicable sounds of the ukulele and gentle acoustic strums paired with lovely, subtle, soothing harmonies. Think of them as a less chaotic, less clamored, and a more mellowed version of Los Campesinos!, which I’d be glad to take over anything else, on any day of the week. Mexican Kids at Home doesn’t necessarily serve up tunes that are immediately attention-grabbing, but these charming sing-along pop pieces contain catchy hooks, witty phrases, and memorable melodies. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a simple, stress-free listening enjoyment.

|mp3| Mexican Kids at Home - Start a One Man Band!
|mp3| Mexican Kids at Home - Plastic Pitchfork
|mp3| Mexican Kids at Home - Female Thief

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