Friday, October 10, 2008

New Release: Deerhoof - Offend Maggie

Deerhoof is a band that I’ve always regarded as one that belongs in the upper echelons of the indie sphere; their blend of cutesy pop vocals and noise rock has landed them in the experimental niches of music. In their latest offering, Offend Maggie, the band display constant shifts from one music spectrum to another, sometimes taking on the very raw-edged garage sounding rock and other time assuming the role of folk-rock proportions. At some moments, Deerhoof’s music even falls into twee pop terrains owing to singer Satomi Matsuzaki’s high, sweet vocals that lie as a stark contrast against their pulverizing guitar thrusts. But there’s always a touch of fun quirky playfulness in their repertoire that averts their music from turning into plain vile fluff. ‘Chandelier Searchlight’ in particular is bear with me, so adorable; the guitar lines that follow after Matsuzaki’s “La la la la life life…” never fails to make me smile.

All in all this is such a rewarding record and I would’ve never expected to enjoy it this much. Which is why I think you should too.

Deerhoof - The Tears and Music of Love
|mp3| Deerhoof - Chandelier Searchlight
|mp3| Deerhoof - Offend Maggie