Friday, August 29, 2008

Solar Powered People

The thing about the band, Solar Powered People is although they claim themselves to be a rock and shoegaze band, the reality is the San Francisco four piece bears a huge tendency to fall into the former category compared to the latter. But when they do pull out that shoegaze card, the music is a deft assemblage of rich ambientsy backdrops complete with shoegaze signature of obscure singing. ‘Commercial Flight’ bears this evident, and though it may sound a tad bit polished in comparison to the lo-fi, jarring treatment that most shoegaze receives, it manages to deliver the same effect nonetheless. Other songs like ‘They’ll Never Say’, makes me fear that they may take a different route entirely and drop the shoegaze quality that’s distinctly present in their sound-- although I hope not.

Presently, the band is in the process of recording a new album. Unfortunately, producing those little shits doesn’t come for free. So help them by donating some money to make the production of their album possible.

|mp3| Solar Powered People - Commercial Flight

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