Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pete and the Pirates

Pete and the Pirates are another addition to the immense repertoire of indie art-rock bands that comes all the way from England. Although the type of music a band like Pete and the Pirates would normally bring to the table are pretty commonplace and nothing ground-breakingly new, there’s a certain freshness about their sound that you'll seem to hugely enjoy nevertheless.

The long awaited debut just recently dropped last February, entitled, Little Deaths, compiling a number of 13 perfect pop nuggets especially made to whet your appetite for glorious indie pops like these. The record itself serves as a thrilling experience with vivid, raucous pieces that translate into toe-tapping, knee-jerking moves of unified rapture. It wouldn’t be complete, if not to associate the music to the sense of awesome quirksome-ness, that the quintet so joyously pervades deep into the lyrical content and sonic progression in tunes such as ‘Come On Feet’ and ‘Mr Understanding’. Little Deaths may be some of the most invigorating albums to come out this year, oozing songs that inject a joyful attribute into life which is great obviously, because there’s nothing wrong with that.

|mp3| Pete and the Pirates - Come On Feet
|mp3| Pete and the Pirates - Mr Understanding
|mp3| Pete and the Pirates - Moving

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