Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Foxboro Hot Tubs

So Foxboro Hot Tubs is really Greenday taking on the garage rock revival scene; well, it sounds like a match made in pure garage-rock heaven to me. The band definitely gets an ‘A’ for effort, for the way they seamlessly, seem to fit into that cluster of music. Stop, Drop, and Roll is a compilation of twelve 60’s retro rock pieces infused with the 70’s punk stylings of Greenday. Definite standouts include the catchy rock jangle, ‘Mother Mary’, which sounds like they might’ve taken some tips or two from another garage-rock clan, situated in the area of New York, whatjamacall ‘em? The Strokes, or summink like that.

I could get use to music like this, I really could.

|mp3| Foxboro Hot Tubs - Mother Mary
|mp3| Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop, Drop, and Roll