Saturday, June 28, 2008

Charades: En ningún lugar

I love discovering bands from countries we rarely venture to; Spain, other than lauded as this years winner of Euro 2008 football tournament, (Wow…, I knew they’d come around to winning sooner or later), does indeed boast some extraordinary bands, one of them being pop foursome, Charades. The band’s got a new album out called En ningún lugar, chock full of delightful, winsome pop pieces, all sung in their native language-- Spanish that is.

As unfamiliar as the lyrics may be, the music doesn’t fail to capture pure guitar-pop spirit, so people who don’t speak Spanish, like you and I, can have no trouble relating and enjoying to. This is a snippet from said record, a track with the same title, consisting of music that’s so iridescent and sugary, it could almost be a guilty pleasure, but one that never goes overboard into the clichéd, trite pop terrains. With luminous choruses and guitar hooks this infectious, this is one tune that’ll stick to memory and stay there for quite a long time.

|mp3| Charades - En ningún lugar