Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Video: Spoon – You Got Yr Cherry Bomb

Watching Spoon’s latest video of their song, ‘You Got Yr Cherry Bomb’, left me feeling highly inspired. I think it's essential for every filmmaker or a video music director, to at least create one video that uses the stop motion technique-- that is, according to me. It’s one of the simplest, most undemanding methods in the book; even an amateur can pull it off, provided that you own all the right equipment and have enormous patience.

|mp3| Spoon – You Got Yr Cherry Bomb

I love what both the video creators have come up with in this particular Spoon video; all of it was so intricately detailed and seemed so smooth, that it didn’t look like shots of pictures arranged in correct sequence to produce animation, which led me to think, that this had definitely took a huge amount of time just to plan, moreover to execute the whole vision. The video has this choppy effect and therefore brilliant because of it. There also couldn’t be a more fitting song to implement the technique than this particular Spoon song; the celebratory tone and horn blasts melds so well together with jerky movements of colourful cutouts.

For more pictures, click here. And for video's official site, click here.