Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Mary Onettes: Lost

I feel like giving this blog a complete alteration and just focus on writing about music that’s 80s throwback oriented. But doing so would mean that I’m not being entirely honest with myself, and to think about all the other varieties of music that I’d miss. It'll also feel slightly suffocated to be limited within the confines of a specific genre; how other blogs are able to pull it off is really beyond me.

The Swedish band, the Mary Onettes is yet another band that will help you reminisce the 80s heydays and although their work are commonly derivative and reminds me of rip offs from other past stars such as Joy Division and New Order, they seem to have this leaning tendency of doing it quite well. The music is best encapsulated as new wave, but to call it 80s retro pop wouldn’t be such an injustice and too deviating from the overall sound either. Second track to their eponymous album, ‘Lost’ definitely has its moments; the booming Joy Division drums, and broad, swooping guitars starts off momentously, breaking into gleaming new wave keyboards that’s soon joined by frontman’s, Philip Ekstrom’s heavily reverbed vocals, all gloomy and sorts.

Their songs may sound as distant and vague as the period of time where they draw their musical inspirations from; but being able to restore that vigor, similar to as it was back then, makes me look forward to the band’s next endeavor in their musical journey.

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