Saturday, March 01, 2008

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #36

I first discovered the Swedish pop songstress, Lykke Li via the quite awesome blog, Skatterbrain. When all the mp3s that’s been posted on music blogs these days are more or less parallel to each other, Skatterbrain seems to be living in its own world, simply unaffected by the rest; posting up songs that I’ve never heard of, while having convictions on such music is, I have to admit, admirable. But listening to Lykke Li, I knew from the get-go, that this music wasn’t the underrated kind that would only appeal to the Skatterbrain masses.

Lykke Li has an allure and appeal that’s rarely to be found these days, plus there’s nothing ordinary about her name. I’m not sure whether it’s pronounced Lykke ‘Lie’ or Lykke ‘Lee’, but whichever way, I’m sure I still got it wrong. And what stands out most of all about her music, and I know I’ve mentioned this word about a million times now in this blog, is that it’s electronic pop with bold highlights of quirkiness that’s highly infectious and endearing. I’ve had the pleasant opportunity of giving her freshly released album, Youth Novels, a spin, and found that it contained some of the best tunes, I’ve heard in quite awhile. I was smitten by the first half, but as the album drew to a close, it began to lose those vibrant tones it first started off with.

‘Little Bit’ is a little, charming pop induced electronic number that envelopes unconventional lyrics, while sung at a breathy, high-pitched vocal, that could possibly make you lose your masculinity. Oh no, did I scared the guys away? But trust me when I say, that her music can be really affecting in a way that you’d least expect it to.

Lykke Li - Little Bit