Friday, March 07, 2008

The Enemy: Away From Here

I’m not going into an incoherent drawl and drool over the ‘lads’ from the Enemy, because they just don’t have that effect on me. There isn’t anything hugely exciting or phenomenal, or just simply ‘nice to listen to’ about their music, plus they’re fast becoming one of NME’s darlings which gives me the ultimate reason to not fully let myself revel in their musical creation.

But they persistently keep popping out, the least bit when I really couldn’t care, which consequently got me listening to a couple of their tracks. And just by listening to them, I knew that I didn’t have to see the band for myself to know that these guys have a lot of spunk and attitude (the kind that can get on my nerves). There’s a surge of that fresh, young, exuberant energy in their brand of rock music that older bands are completely washed-out of these days; bands that I shall not name here. But, of course lead singer, Tom Clarke is only 18, probably 19 now, years of age, so that summed up everything. God, bands are getting younger and younger by the day aren’t they? Or maybe it’s just me who’s getting old.

Heavy with teenage angst, their more definable album track, ‘Away From Here’, is your basic catchy rock tune that’s simply done and manifested in a neat and nifty form. Mainstream rock music fans should have absolutely no problem in fitting this into their iPod, innit? The lyrics lament on past hardships that’s no doubt drawn from the band’s own experiences, which reminds me of this particular paragraph that’s been suitably said about them.
This record wears its hardships proudly: it's the sound of three Coventry lads who have experienced the lows life has thrown at them and are making the most of their chance to break out. They know they believe in nothing, but it's their nothing. And it sounds inspirational.

Anyway, here’s that track I was talking about:

|mp3| The Enemy - Away From Here