Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #32

It’s based on the fact of how Matt Costa has something quietly endearing about him, that I keep wanting to mention him in this particular section of the blog-- of course it’s also due to the freshly released follow-up to Songs We Sing, entitled Unfamiliar Faces that met music fans last 22nd of January. I learnt that I’m not completely thrown by the new album which might be too soon to say, considering that it may require a couple more listens. But then I wonder, will my patience still be intact after the fifteenth listen? Hmm…, that’s kind of hard to answer.

I guess my expectations were too high for Costa’s second effort, due to being completely swept over by one of his magnificent tracks, ‘Cold December’. It couldn’t have sounded slightly more different than the previous and was clear to demonstrate a growing confidence in Costa’s own ability and diversity (IndieLondon). But after a few listens, one tune in particular stuck to my memory-- ‘Vienna’ isn’t the most indicative song to Unfamiliar Faces, albeit a good one nonetheless. The song portrays a different level of maturity in song writing, apparent in the fine sounds of jazz sways that’s incorporated throughout.

The tune’s title isn’t at all inscrutable; remarkably setting a mood that’s perfectly suited for a beautiful enchanting city like Vienna. I remembered Vienna as one of the most beautiful capitals I’ve ever visited with its entirely preserved ancient buildings and monuments, and listening to this tune just brings me back once again. The vocals streams in with a smooth flow, gently lamenting on hushed affairs, particularly referring to a girl more than a city. ‘Vienna’ is gorgeous, laid-back, lazed evening drenched melancholia, and it's perfectly formed for while enjoying the wondrous hues of the setting sun, in the capital of Austria-- simply stunning.

|mp3| Matt Costa - Vienna