Monday, November 05, 2007

New Video: Arctic Monkeys – Teddy Picker

I’m up for anything from these guys though sometimes I find myself not 100% always on their side. But, the Arctic Monkeys are an interesting band to watch since they’re so young and yet they’ve achieved such a major success. Plus, they’re pretty damn good at what they do.

The new ‘Teddy Picker’ video reminds me so much of Strokes’ video ’12.51’, the studio version. Of course it explains a lot when both videos share the same director; Roman Coppola, who’s directed most of the Strokes’ vids during their earlier days. I love these kind of videos, though one may not agree with me; but shooting a band stripped of all the limelight while documenting one of their laidback ordinary day activities makes them seems so much more accessible – it breaks down the wall that divides between music fans and musicians. It’s an instant fave.

|mp3| Arctic Monkeys – Teddy Picker