Thursday, November 01, 2007

“Music Is My Beach House”

Recent glimpse at the newly posted up mp3s all around the music blogs (thru hype machine, no less), reveals one obvious theme. Song that contains words such as monsters, zombies!, ghost and whatnot and what-have-you. This is rather puzzling; is there some special occasion going on? Of course there is, I’m not that daft, it’s Halloween! I’m not the type to aimlessly follow where so many others have tread before me, and besides, we don’t celebrate Halloween here, it’s not in our culture – so, you do the math. But anyway, ‘Happy Halloween!’ to those who are celebrating.

Right, on to things that I can relate to; have you seen the new commercial for the new ‘iPod Touch’? Oh yes, the marketing geniuses over at Apple have done it yet again, but only to find out that credit doesn’t go to the marketing geniuses over at Apple, but to an 18 year old by the name of Nick Haley from Leeds (what?!, how is this possible?). The reason to this is exactly what I feared it to be. Inspired by Brazilian group CSS’ track titled ‘Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex’, particularly the line “My music is where I’d like you to touch” (neato, eh?), hence created a video out of already existing iPod touch’s commercial from official website, uploaded it on YouTube, and Walla, the rest was history and by history I mean, he received a personal email from one Apple representative (double neato, eh!?) Whereas we all, and by ‘we all’ I mean you and me, are still waiting for our big break – to create something wonderfully original and get noticed. (Thnx to Stereogum, who thnked Pitchfork for digging this up).

Something to cheer us up?

|mp3| CSS – Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex

Which brings us to another interesting topic, CSS’ song is absolutely fantabolous, wonder why I didn’t discover it sooner. On the other hand, the non-conventional lyrics: music is my beach house/music is my hometown/music is my king-sized bed/Music’s where I meet my friends, has got me questioning, what are the CSS playing at? Are they trying to be cute? Well, excuse me for my bluntness and let me tell you one thing very directly – it works. Damnit, it works. Leave it to CSS to wrap around words with cute, furry, endearing expressions coz they’re gooood at it. Other related news; it has been confirmed that CSS’ singer, Lovefoxxx (pictured above) is currently engaged to be married with Klaxons’ Simon Taylor. (cue studio audience “awww…”)