Thursday, November 08, 2007

Covers, B-Sides, and Rarities: Franz Ferdinand

These two covers by Franz Ferdinand are just to die for; one is a rather weird choice, the other is absolute brilliance. I was skeptical at first to find out that the band chose Gwen Stefani’s ‘What You’re Waiting For’ to do a cover for; but the band couldn’t have done a greater job because it was such a great remake that I thought the song might just be written for Franz Ferdinand specially. Or maybe they heard the song and they heard potential and they said to themselves in that Scottish accent of theirs; “We could do a better job” and so they did, and they excelled and here it is. But, then again I might be wrong.

|mp3| Franz Ferdinand – What You’re Waiting For (Gwen Stefani cover)

‘Sound and Vision’ by David Bowie are just one of the many songs that goes onto the huge pile that I keep stashed in a storage room, labeled, ‘Songs I’ve Yet to Take a Listen to’ – also included is the whole music portfolio of David Bowie himself. Can you really blame me? I spent most of my adolescence listening to sentimental tacky crappy pap that I wasn’t really given much of a choice of. But, Franz Ferdinand’s version of the song, (well, I can’t really make a comparison, can I?), is noteworthy in its own right. There’s really nothing much to say – it’s an amazing cover, so to fans of Franz Ferdinand, “Download or die”.

|mp3| Franz Ferdinand – Sound and Vision (feat. Girls Aloud, David Bowie cover)