Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The View

The fact that this band also uses the pre-fix ‘the’ and hails all the way from Scotland just happened to occur by chance - or did it? Of course when compared to the Cinematics, it almost seems like the View could possibly come from a different part of the world altogether; they’re a lot scruffier and grittier plus they’ve toured alongside Babyshambles, and have even been made comparisons to early Oasis.

These are the future bad boys of rock and roll who besides music, loves to relish in booze, drugs and well, more drugs. Not that I seem to have any objections to that - whichever way works right? Music that reverberates with a quality that’s able to stand out among other amateurs elevates the band to a higher position that they so rightfully deserve to be.

Neither the first single, ‘Wasted Little DJ’s’ nor their second best, ‘Same Jeans’ was what really dragged me to obligingly succumb to the aural experience that the band was able to provide; I’m torn between the good-natured jangley guitar hooks in ‘The Don’ and acoustic strums that could send hearts a quiver in ‘Face For The Radio’. Not the most outstanding tracks out of their whole ‘outstanding’ record, Hats Off To The Buskers, but since when was it about having to tag along to other people’s opinion? Falconer’s vocal ability is apparent in the slow number, ‘Face For The Radio’; it’s not entirely smooth but believe it or not, still manages to come off sweet and mellifluous all the same, but then I’d rather just let the music do the talking. Enjoy.

|mp3| The View – The Don
|mp3| The View – Face For The Radio

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