Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Cinematics: Rise and Fall

Finally, we’ve ascended out of the deep chasm of melancholic, placid music and come to writing about bands comprising of the word ‘the’ again. Though stereotypical these types of bands might sound like, who could ever avoid from indulging in a bit of music that feels so familiar, it’s like second nature to the skin.

Talking about the music by Scottish based band the Cinematics, generates some big household names that could pop into view, some of which are Interpol, Editors, Franz Ferdinand, the Killers, the Bravery and even the post-punk legends, Joy Division. Rip-offs or even ‘rape’-offs of other band’s music are done casually and blithely out in the open these days, but hey, what the bloody hell, go ahead and rip off - young lads still in search of their musical identity, who’s to blame if they’re using another famous band’s blueprint; but when they’re doing a bloody well good job in it, even more the better.

And let’s not be predictable and typical in this post and go ahead by choosing the best tracks out of the band’s album which have been claimed by many are, ‘Sunday Sun’ and ‘Break’. Fair play needs to be enforced, and after I’ve really had the chance to sink in my teeth in the whole album, I can’t seem to get enough of one particular song. Isolating ‘Rise and Fall’ from the record provides it with a new pedestal to be placed high upon; lingering solitary key punches and infectious guitar hooks is a good mixture of what Coldplay meets the Killers meets the Bravery meets Franz Ferdinand would sound like. Now, that’s a lot of big names which I could get killed for mentioning. Yeah, I call it ‘everyone’s entitled to their own opinion’, some other times it’s just called, ‘get your own blog!’

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