Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh, Double Feck

Bloody fuck. This just in, I just found out that the shutting down of the popular torrent site, OiNK is indirectly linked to the main source of where I get the mp3s that are often posted up here in this site. That could only mean one thing; the life span of this blog might just not be as long as I had hoped it would be. It could probably be running for another couple of months or so, I’ll be sure to notify you guys if indeed that is what lies in the fate of this blog. Hopefully not though, because I’d like to keep it going.

The news has totally gotten me depressed that I’ve resorted to listening to all the past music that I’ve acquired from the ‘source’. I’m thinking; where we’ll I ever find music as good as these ever again? Oh well, things will work out on its own, I’m sure.