Sunday, August 12, 2007

Strokes Sunday: Is This It?

Right now they’re the most important bands, for what they may inspire other bands to do”
-Noel Gallagher-

Oh boy does that Gallagher knows what he’s talking about. I have to admit, that for the first time in my life, I couldn’t agree more with him. Its obvious how new bands these days are starting to sound more and more like the Strokes in those days. Here are a coupla hints.

These are the obvious ones and the ones that have been made the Strokes comparison more than once. Tokyo Police Club’s songs only clocks in in an average of two minutes; surely you can’t get any similar to the Strokes than that. While for the Films and the Cribs apart from the obvious ‘the’ band name, the tunes frequently speak for themselves.

|mp3| Tokyo Police Club – Cheer It On
|mp3| The Cribs – Hey Scenesters!
|mp3| The Films – Strange Hands

But, then of course you have the less obvious ones such as particular tunes from Arctic Monkeys, Pigeon Detectives and Robbers on High Street. The songs the Arctic’s make still remains a mystery to me, Pigeon Detectives’ guitar intro is ‘Automatic Stop’ reminiscent, while for Robbers on High Street, hailing from New York denies you no possibility of not being influenced by the New York infused music scene.

|mp3| Arctic Monkeys – Leave Before the Lights Come On
|mp3| The Pigeon Detectives – I’m Not Sorry
|mp3| Robbers on High Street – The Fatalist

These tunes, I don’t know why I included them, but deep down inside me, I know there’s a good reason for this. Cansei de Ser Sexy’s ‘Off the Hook’ has an apparent Strokes vibe and Mazarin – well, for Mazarin, iGiF was quick enough to point out the similarity, however I fail to see the resemblance. Nevertheless, it’s a great song!

|mp3| Cansei de Ser Sexy – Off the Hook
|mp3| Mazarin – For Energy Infinite

These are merely opinions of mine, if you wish to add some or dismiss some, have a say – or have it your way.