Monday, August 13, 2007

New Release: Eisley – Combinations

Eisley will be releasing their latest album, Combinations on 14th of August and judging from the sweet music they’ve made in the past, this album is indeed something to look forward to. A single has already been pre-released prior to the album, called ‘Invasion’ which you can catch the video and take a listen to on YouTube. I’ve been decent enough to post it right here.

‘Invasion’ alternates between sounds that resemble more of Au Revoir Simone and the Cranberries. Watching the video can be a little misleading; therefore I prefer the song all by itself. However, something tells me that I don’t post up the song – just yet.

The song definitely contains more maturity, fuller rock guitar riffs, less of the haunting falsetto vocals, and this time around, there’s definitely – definitely more makeup. If you want a sneak preview on how the whole album sounds, filter-mag has the scoop on their website.

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