Friday, August 17, 2007

Good Golly, By Jolly, This Is Really Good! #10

I never thought I’d include an ambient piece as a Good Golly. I’ve always had the opinion of how ambient music can be too self-indulging; the way you can easily be lost in it makes the genre so dangerously hypnotic. But once in a while, to indulge oneself in good music I think, wouldn’t do any harm.

Listening to Feist writing music that’s so smooth and pretty like ‘The Water’ is of nothing new due to her being apart of the band, ‘Broken Social Scene’ who also creates ambient music that’s mysterious but not entirely drawn out.

‘The Water’ is naturally charming and melodic with Feist’s soothing echoic vocals. It reminds me of those quiet, peaceful evenings spent watching and listening to the rain’s gentle rhythmic patter. It kind of makes you want to pull up a blanket and snuggle yourself up, albeit a bright hot day; the cold ‘almost haunting’ stillness of the song is able to affect you in such a way.

Regardless, the mood that the song carries (as it is with all good ambient tunes) is able to break through anything that could’ve been going on that day and transport you further away from the harsh world of reality. It’s simply too good to miss out on.

|mp3| Feist – The Water