Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Strokes: Rare pics and Friends

I have a thing for StrokesFans who does picture slideshows of the band, especially the ones that are only dedicated to one person like Julian Casablancas or Fabrizio Moretti or Nick Valensi, and it makes things a lot worst if you write something like ‘sexy thing’ next to the name. If that’s the case, that you’re not liking the band because of the music anymore, it becomes about a different thing entirely.

But, if you make a picture slideshow of rare pictures, really hard-to-find, never before seen pictures, then by all means, do some more! I stumbled upon this video created by Annita on YouTube, and I thought it was great that she came up with the idea of putting up rare photos, I mean like really RARE. These are some of the stuffs you’ll discover and be intrigued by (if you’re a StrokesFan) when watching the video.

  • The very rare photo of Regina Spektor and the Strokes while on the ‘Room on Fire’ tour during 2004.
  • The many faces of Juliet Casablancas, before and after she was ‘Juliet Casablancas’.
  • Nick’s adorable twins, and yes, when I say Nick, I mean THE Nick Valensi and not some other Nick.
  • Julian Casablancas sporting an 'Nsync T-Shirt (Hmm.., oh well, we all have our weaknesses)

|mp3| The Strokes - Elephant Song