Saturday, July 14, 2007

Covers, B-Sides, and Rarities: Orson’s ‘Push the Button’

I definitely gravitate towards pop music compared to rock, so it’s no surprise that I do know the song Push the Button that was originally sung by Sugababes. But, that’s just old news and the story of how it actually came to be, is of no importance here.

For starters, there was nothing wrong with the original version, except for the video which is as always, distracting due to some unaccountable reasons and then in steps Orson and gave the song a total face-lift. They are undeniably a great band, and did a good job in the song but the only thing is, a guy singing lyrics that were meant for girls to sing in order to stand up for their – whatever, comes off a bit weird.

Only a band like Orson can pull it off. Only a band like Orson…

|mp3| Orson – Push the Button