Friday, June 08, 2007

Bloody Hell, Its Exam Week!

As you may have already read, it’s bloody exam week, and I’m not very fond of exam weeks or exams for that matter, not as much as you people who might be reading this are.

I’m not going to tell people any bullshit like every time during exams the only music I listen to is classical, because classical music to me are like sleeping pills; they’re good at making me feel drowsy. Heck, I listen to any music I want when I’m studying, except when I have to memorize facts; which by the way sucks, because I’m never good at memorizing.

I say don’t listen to classical; listen to music that can keep you awake all night, music that gets you dancing – in your head, I mean. That’s what I do, but does it help? I wouldn’t know…

The Bloody Hell, Its Exam Week! Mix

Track listing: (right click – save as, to save each one)

01 :: The Beatles – Hard Day’s Night
02 :: Charlotte Hatherley – I Want You to Know
03 :: Hot Hot Heat – Middle of Nowhere
04 :: Kaiser Chiefs – Ruby
05 :: The Lionheart Brothers – Hero Anthem
06 :: The Pigeon Detectives – I’m Not Sorry
07 :: Lucky Souls – Ain’t Never Been Cool
08 :: Keane – Crystal Ball
09 :: Travis – Selfish Jean
10 :: Mika - Love Today

Bloody Hell, Its Exam Week! (or just download the whole thing)

p/s:- Listen to the tracks, then dance a little (not literally though, honestly…) and you’ll be alright.