Saturday, May 26, 2007

When It Started

*only proceed if you are a Strokes fan

Because there’s this huge gap, this is what some of us came up with to just simply fill in the huge gap. Well, of course, we could re-listen to older records or listen to different bands altogether, or even resort to listening to Albert’s music. But, there’s only so much of Albert Hammond Jr. we can take.

This is an article that my sister actually found (for her velvet underground article assignment or other) and it’s written by none other than Julian Casablancas himself regarding the Velvets in 2004 for Rolling Stones. Some important things that he wrote in the article were what particularly influenced his writings in those earlier days; mostly his writings that made up the songs that were contained in ‘Is This It?’ Yes, that great album that made us all fall in love with the Strokes in the first place. In his own words, he wrote:-

In the beginning, the Strokes definitely drew from the vibe of the Velvets. I listened to Loaded all the time when we started the band, while I was writing my first songs. For four solid months, it was just Loaded and this Beach Boys greatest-hits record, Made in the U.S.A. A lot of our guitar tones are based on what Reed and Sterling Morrison did.

So, it was oldies, so it isn’t such a mystery why they were classified as ‘garage-rock revival’. I wonder what he was listening to when he was writing the songs for FIOE.

I can imagine Julian Casablancas listening to this over and over on loop, trying his hardest to rip off the tune; probably one of the most significant songs on how the Strokes’ music came to be.

|mp3| The Velvet Underground – Rock and Roll

I don’t know why I included this song too but it’s a cool song. I couldn’t relate it to any of the Strokes tunes, but it could’ve influence a little bit here in there. I could’ve chosen to put up the Velvet’s ‘New Age’, but the only similarity I could find in that song was just the title.

|mp3| The Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane

This one’s a little different, more fun and cheery. It’s hard to imagine JC being all fun and cheery. But hey, Beach Boys was particularly mentioned, so that could’ve meant something and besides, I always thought that ‘Hawaii Aloha’ had a Beach Boys vibe to it.

|mp3| Beach Boys – Fun Fun Fun

I honestly wish we could have copied them more. We didn't come close enough. But that was cool, because it became more of our own thing. Which is something else I got from the Velvets. They taught me just to be myself.

For full article, click here.